About me

I fell in love with astronomy as a kid because of my Mother. On my personal journey in astronomy, I realised that comfort is an important consideration while observing the night sky. Binoculars offer a pleasurable viewing experience since the observer uses both eyes, instead of a single eye, in the case of a telescope. In addition to being easier to operate, Binoculars are faster to set up than a telescope. Binoculars provide excellent views of bright star clusters and galaxies as well as asterisms that require an instrument with a wide field of view. A narrow field of view offered by a telescope fails to reveal the beauty of these celestial objects that require a wide field of view. Furthermore, looking up at the night sky with binoculars is a much more natural posture than looking down into an eyepiece of a telescope.

I decided to document my experience of using binoculars for stargazing through this blog. I am inspired by the work done by Phil Harrington and Stephen Tonkin in popularising binocular astronomy. On my blog you will find articles on selecting binoculars for stargazing, mounting binoculars, observing techniques, useful accessories and all other resources relevant to binocular astronomy.

I aspire to help more people get started on their journey in astronomy through binoculars. I hope to dispel the misconception that you need a telescope to observe the night sky. Binoculars are now a serious observing instrument. Moreover, binoculars do not become obsolete even after you have purchased a telescope and will elegantly complement any telescope, especially for observing celestial objects that require an instrument with a wide field of view.

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